[Pdns-users] Problem with chroot and local resolving and anot her problem with guardian

Bauer, Georg bauer at gws.ms
Wed Jul 9 15:11:35 UTC 2003


> pdns_server is listening for ALL dns requests from the clients. Then 
> it decides if it can resolve the name by using one of its backends or 
> if recursion is required. I'm unsure if pdns_server can use 
> resolv.conf to get the address of the recursive name server, so I 
> pointed out the config file options in pdns.conf

If I do a pdns_control notify on whisky-and-whiskey.de, I get the following
error, if the server is configured chrooted:

Jul  9 16:57:34 simon pdns[27070]: Unable to queue notification of domain
'whisky-and-whiskey.de': nameservers do not resolve!

If I _only_ comment out the chroot, I get the following (correct) behaviour:

Jul  9 17:06:56 simon pdns[27623]: Notification request for domain
'whisky-and-whiskey.de' received from operator
Jul  9 17:07:01 simon pdns[27623]: Queued notification of domain
'whisky-and-whiskey.de' to
Jul  9 17:07:03 simon pdns[27626]: Removed from notification list:
'whisky-and-whiskey.de' to (was acknowledged)

So it's not about any request from any client. It's about a internal
nameserver resolution. I looked through communicator.cc, (where this is
handled), but the code goes through several indirections and so it's not
quite clear to me what actual code tries to resolve the NS records for
whisky-and-whiskey.de. There are several calls to gethostbyname littered
throughout the code, so at some stage it uses the internal host resolution
(the glibc code that uses /etc/resolv.conf and friends). But there is code
that checks against the database, too.

But the point is, if I only comment out the chroot, everything works fine,
if I activate chroot as the only change, the above error shows up. In both
cases the rest of the operation of the master is just fine, everything works
as expected. Only this precise detail (not to be able to resolve nameservers
for domains to be notified) changes with exactly the given configuration
change (activating chroot=./).

bye, Georg

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