[Pdns-users] Could not connect to ODBC datasource.

Rory Hansen microthick at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 02:14:00 UTC 2003

Thanks for the suggestion Michel.

I commented out the lines referencing the Generic ODBC
backend and added the lines you gave me, but still no

The same error still occurs.

Under the Variables section for the webserver, it
lists this:
packetcache-miss 73 

Everything else (exccept for qsize-q) is 0.

Might this be useful?

--- Michel Stol <michel at powerdns.com> wrote:
> Hi Rory,
> Nothing has changed really, the only thing is that a
> new Generic ODBC 
> backend was added. Maybe you could change your
> pdns.conf to use the old one 
> again?
> launch=odbc
> odbc-user=PowerDNS
> odbc-pass=PowerDNS
> odbc-table=records
> Greetings,
> - Michel Stol

Rory Hansen
microthick at yahoo.com

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