[Pdns-users] records.change_date field

Roeland Nieuwenhuis trancer at poweradmin.org
Fri Jul 4 13:36:43 UTC 2003


Quoted from the manual:

The fields have complicated and sometimes controversial meanings. The
'serial' field is special. If left at 0, the default, PDNS will perform
an internal list of the domain to determine highest change_date field of
all records within the zone, and use that as the zone serial number.
This means that the serial number is always raised when changes are made
to the zone, as long as the change_date field is being set.

This is what the change_date field does. For PowerAdmin I am working on
a list that will also describe the database fields in PowerDNS, it will
be released within a month I guess.. Depends on the amount of spare time
I will have.


Roeland Nieuwenhuis

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Onderwerp: [Pdns-users] records.change_date field

Does anybody know where I can find some additional info about what
exactly each field in the pdns db backed is for?  I'm writing some code
for updating zones here, and I'm wondering if I have to "touch" the
records.change_date field, and, if so, what value it's expecting (I
imagine a tick count?).

- Ryan Baldwin
Point2 Technologies Inc.

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