[Pdns-users] AXFR from Powerdns 2.9.6 to Other DNS Servers

Anil powerdns at shri.net
Thu Jul 31 15:06:08 UTC 2003


I am using Powerdns Windows version 2.9.6 as the first server to create and edit dns records. This server acts as the authoritative server for this domains.

However when trying to setup secondaries on Bind 9.2.1 or Ms DNS on win2003, I am not able to get any data transfered accross. Using nshookup and etc is not a problem as i can get the Data across using AXFR, but the dns server on the same machine cannot do the same.

In the Pdns log i do find these entries, co-relating to the above attempts:
AXFR of domain 'aaa.bbb.com' initiated by xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
TCP nameserver: GSQLBackend unable to retrieve information about a domain: Could not execute query.

When trying to use the notify function on a bind dns server, the following entry is in the log

AXFR of domain 'aaa.bbb.com'  to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx finished
Received NOTIFY for 'aaa.bbb.com'  from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but slave support is disabled in the configuration

In the webserver messages: I can see this entry sometimes:


I have played arround with the master and slave configuration, quite a lot and, regardless of anything i do, The server wont start untill i remove the configs for the master / slave configs.

I would appereciate it if anyone can give more directions and help in this regard.


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