[Pdns-users] Could not connect to ODBC datasource.

Rory Hansen microthick at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 01:32:10 UTC 2003


I use PowerDNS for my two domains. I initially
installed the Windows version some months ago (forgot
what version we were at the time) and it worked great.

But recently, WinXP crapped out on me and I had to
reinstall. I managed to save the MS Access DB before
reinstalling Windows.

So, after installing Windows, I installed PowerDNS
again and just overwrote the default Access DB with
the one that I saved.

I also set up the DSN like before.

But the webserver is reporting the following errors:

Caught an exception instantiating a backend, cleaning
up 1436 25% 
godbc Connection failed: Could not connect to ODBC
datasource. 1436 25% 
Distributor caught fatal exception: Unable to launch
godbc connection: Could not connect to ODBC
datasource. 1435 25% 
Distributor misses a thread (0<3), spawning new one
1432 25% 

I don't know why these errors would be occuring.

Has the DB schema changed in the last few months? I've
compared the fields in my Access DB with the fields
listed in the PowerDNS documentation, but I can't find
any discrepancy.


Rory Hansen
microthick at yahoo.com

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