[Pdns-users] Using "Blank" A Records

Ryan Baldwin rbaldwin at point2.com
Wed Jul 2 21:42:00 UTC 2003

Hi.  I'm recently new to PDNS and so far I really, really like what I see.  Now, I've briefly gone through the archive of the mailman archives, but I couldn't find anything related to my problem, hence, my first message on the PDNS mail list (can you feel the excitement?).
Here's the deal:  I'm migrating to PDNS from Microsoft DNS.  The PDNS is using ODBC to an SQL Server 2000 back end, and PDNS server itself sits on a WIN2K Server box.  Now, for each Zone in our Microsoft DNS servers we have 2 A Type records.  one for "www" and one that's "Same as Parent" (ie, a blank A record).  The blank A record is used to resolve requests made without the "www" (such as  <http://test.com> http://test.com instead of http://www.test.com)
I'm wondering if it's at all possible to have these "blank" A records in PDNS.  I mean, if I want to add a  <http://www.test.com> www.test.com A record, I populate the records.name db field with  <http://www.test.com> www.test.com, however, this doesn't seem to work as expected if I populate the same field without the prefixed 'www'... especially since, from my understanding of the documentaiton, that the records.name field will always have the domain name regardless of the records.type (I'm looking at section 4.1 of the PDNS documentation - all insert statements have 'test.com' for the "name" field).
To try and mimic microsoft's "Same as Parent" setting I've tried leaving the records.name field blank, as well as supplying it with the 'test.com' value... neither of these would work.
Can anybody help a brotha out?
To recap, the specs are:
- PDNS backed by a remote Sql Server 2k
- PDNS running on Win2k Server w/ all service packs
- Connecting via ODBC (of course).
TIA everybody, I'm excited to be getting on board with this.

- Ryan Baldwin

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