[Pdns-users] mysql2ldap anyone?

Joakim Ryden jryden at thebox.our-own.net
Sun Dec 7 18:09:43 UTC 2003

On 12/7/03 5:32 AM Norbert Sendetzky wrote:
>>>As an extremly nasty hack you can set up a slave bind dns
>>>server, make a zone-transfer to it and voila, a zone file :)
>>This is what we had as "Plan B"  --  I just wanted to make sure I
>>wasn't missing any homegrown migration scripts and such that people
>>might have written. :)
> The easiest way should be to use the "host" program to do an AXFR
> request against your current setup and pass the output to zone2ldap.

One thing to note about this - as far as I can tell you still have to 
craft up a named.conf file for this to work.

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