[Pdns-users] Version 2.9.13 released!

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Wed Dec 17 19:34:57 UTC 2003

This release serves to fix some bugs and not upset too much. I'll be
spending a lot of time on PowerDNS over the next few weeks, expect 2.9.14


   Big news! Windows is back! Our great friend Michel Stol found the time to
   update the PowerDNS code so it works again under windows.

   Furthermore, big thanks go out to Dell who quickly repaired my trusty

   His changes:

     * Generic SQLite support added

     * Removed the ODBC backend, replaced it by the Generic ODBC Backend,
       which has all the cool configurability of the Generic MySQL and
       PostgreSQL backends.

     * The PowerDNS Recursor now runs as a Service. It defaults to running on
       port 5300, PowerDNS itself is configured to expect the Recursor on
       port 5300 now.

     * The PowerDNS Service is now known as 'PowerDNS' to Windows.

     * The Installer was redone, this time with NSIS2.

     * General updates and fixes.

   Other news:

   Note There appears to be a problem with PowerDNS on Red Hat 7.3 with GCC   
        2.96 and self-compiled binaries. The symptoms are that PowerDNS works 
        on the foreground but fails as a daemon. We're working on it.         
        If you do note problems, let the list know, if you don't, please do   
        so as well. Tell us if you use the RPM or compiled yourself.          
        It is known that not compiling in MySQL support helps solve the       
        problem, but then you don't have MySQL.                               

   There have been a number of reports on MySQL connections being dropped on
   FreeBSD 4.x, which sometimes causes PowerDNS to give up and reload itself.
   To combat this, MySQL error messages have been improved in some places in
   hopes of figuring out what is up. The initial indication is that MySQL
   itself sometimes terminates the connection and, amazingly, that switching
   to a Unix domain socket instead of TCP solves the problem.

   Bug fixes:

     * allow-axfr-ips did not work for individual IP addresses (bug & fix by
       Norbert Sendetzky)


     * Opteron support! Thanks to Jeff Davey for providing a shell on an
       Opteron. The fixes should also help PowerDNS on other platforms with a
       64 bit userspace.

       Btw, the PowerDNS team has a strong desire for an Opteron :-)

     * pdns_recursor jumbles answers now. This means that you can do poor
       man's roundrobin by supplying multiple A, MX or AAAA records for a
       service, and get a random one on top each time. Interestingly, this
       feature appeared out of nowhere, this change was made to the
       authoritative code but due to the wonders of code-reuse had an effect
       on pdns_recursor too.

     * Big LDAP cleanup. Support for TLS was added. Zone2LDAP also gained the
       ability to generate ldif files containing a tree or a list of entries.
       (Norbert Sendetzky)

     * Zone2sql is now somewhat clearer when reporting malformed line errors
       - it did not always include the name of the file causing a problem,
       especially for big installations. Problem noted by Thom May.

     * pdns_recursor now survives the expiration of all its root records,
       most often caused by prolonged disconnection from the net.

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