[Pdns-users] Win32 and supermasters......

Nick Fisher nick at infotechsys.com
Mon Dec 15 19:52:51 UTC 2003

Hi All,
	I have started playing around with pdns 2.9.13, and have just started
wandering into the undocumented world of Win32 supermasters. I'm actaully
supprised I got as far as I did without help from the list ;)

So far I have....

1) Setup pdns on a Win2k server
2) Setup odbc using the .mdb supplyed
3) Extended the .mdb to have the supermaster and domain tables (templated
from the MySQL docs).
4) Setup a domain on a Win2k DNS server with pdns as a slave
5) Added the Win2k DNS server as a supermaster
6) Got the supermaster to add a domain to pdns by sending a NOTIFY.

After that it all goes down hill. The process of adding the new domain from
the supermaster kills pdns. Also if the slave domain is in the db at start
time pdns crashes.

Please find attached the pdns.conf, the commandline with the supermaster
crashing pdns and pdns's error message when trying to start up after the
crash.... I would also attach my access mdb but I fear that it's going to go
over mailman's attachment size limit. Here is a quick description:

Table: domains
id - autonumber
name - Text - Indexed (No dupes) - Required: Yes - Zero Length: No
master - Text - Required: No - Allow Zero Length: Yes
last_check - Number - Required: No - Default: 0
master - Text - Required: No - Allow Zero Length: Yes
notified_serial - Number - Required: No - Default: 0
account - Text - Required: No - Allow Zero Length: Yes

By the look of it the 'notified_serial' is always 0. This is odd, to my mind
I think it should be more like 1222... perhaps it's not being set correctly?
It certainly seems to be screwing up the query some how. My guess is that
the mdb is setup wrong.... tho I'm not sure how. Any clues, hints, tips or
troubleshooting tactics gratefully received.


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