[Pdns-users] two questions

Steve Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Fri Dec 5 05:38:13 UTC 2003

a) Is there any way, short of patching the source, that I can get pdns 
to stop logging "Authoritative empty NO ERROR" messages for requests for 
IPV6 resource records?


"Dec  4 18:58:28 amethyst pdns[6867]: Received NOTIFY for mbpaints.com 
from but slave support is disabled in the configuration"

I've asked this before and gotten a semi-answer. In this case, is my authoritative name server. My colo provider has three 
name servers slaving my zones off my box. itself only hosts 
domains for which it is the master. How can I stop pdns from trying to 
axfr zones from itself? (Or, I guess a more appropriate question would 
be: How do I get pdns to stop sending NOTIFYs to itself?)

The last time I asked this, someone said to disable slave support in the 
backend. However, I don't know of any way to turn off slave support for 
any specific backend, just a way to turn it off globally... and my 
pdns.conf does not contain the "slave" directive. Just "master."


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