[Pdns-users] Re: How not to approach PowerDNS

Mirco 'meebey' Bauer mail at meebey.net
Wed Dec 3 18:38:21 UTC 2003

Hello Ian Justman,

I read the "How not to approach PowerDNS" thread in the pdns mailing

I write this email in reply to your post:

        > So far all PowerDNS users have been my friends but today this
        > 12:58 <ahu> and you run woody?
        > 13:00 <ahu> works fine here with that deb
        > 13:00 <ahu> ok, I need to go now, can you mail me the *exact*
        configuration file? ahu at ds9a.nl
        > 13:04 <meebey> I will
        Did he ever?
        > 14:54 <meebey> apt-get --purge remove pdns
        Umm.... someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that supposed to be:
        dpkg --purge pdns?
        Oh wait, better still...
        It was supposed to be:
        apt-get install a-f_cking-clue
        > 14:54 <meebey> OSS software without proffesionall bugtracking I dont use
        Grade-A dork.  N00bs like this aren't worth your time. ;)
        > My skin isn't thick enough for this kind of thing yet. So please, when> reporting bugs, be friendly to me...
        I don't bite.  Hard.  And I've had my shots.  O;)
        Seriously, you shouldn't have to take that kind of shit from anyone. 
        But yeah, these folks take a bit of getting used to.
        For your enjoyment for what my colleagues and I have to deal with on a 
        daily basis on my home IRC network, EsperNet, go check out:
        Hope that picks up your day. ;)
I think the words I used in the channel were not the right ones to
the problem I was refering to with
the bugtracking system, removing pdns was just the result of that

For OSS projects, an open BTS is very important, most big projects
work without them, like debian. I come from debian and I know which
power is
behind them. Also, in PHP it's an important tool which we depend on.

I really didn't try to put pdns down, I was just disappointed that I
couldn't find any BTS for it. :)

In fact, pdns is a powerful DNS server (I guess thats where the name
from) having, database backends is a really nice thing.

About the "apt-get" comments though I was a little bit irritated.
I don't want to nitpick but,
"man apt-get" explicits documents:
              Use  purge instead of remove for anything that would be
              An asterisk ("*") will be displayed next to packages 
              scheduled to be purged.  Configuration Item:

I didn't use dpkg because it's not as smart as apt-get, if other
depends on the package which I try to remove, apt-get also removes it.
With dpkg this operation would fail.....

I hope I now used the right words, and the point I was trying to make is
clear now. :)

Mirco Bauer

PS: It would be nice if you could forward this email to the

(it didn't get forwarded, so I did it)

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