[Pdns-users] Multi-homed DNS?

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Fri Aug 29 16:46:04 UTC 2003

Thus spake bdushok at luzerne.edu (bdushok at luzerne.edu) [29/08/03 09:58]:
>         That's exactly what I was trying to do :)  I've bound two IP 
> addresses to my DNS server and created two instances of pdns, each 
> listening to a different IP.  I've also create two databases within the 
> backend, one containing internal (private) addresses an the other with 
> public addresses.

Yeah, but this is exactly what I want to avoid.  And exactly what I think I
/can't/ avoid, unfortunately.

I want (to have my cake and eat it too) to be able to maintain *one*
database with *one* set of records for a zone.  But to be able to restrict
RRs to certain networks.  i.e. I have a domain example.org, and I run my
internal LAN on that.  I don't want the world being able to do DNS lookups
for internal workstations, but I /also/ don't want to have to maintain two
copies of www.example.org, ftp.example.org, mx1.example,org,
mx2.example.org, mx3.example.org, mail.example.org, etc.

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