[Pdns-users] Multi-homed DNS?

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Thu Aug 28 20:36:11 UTC 2003

Thus spake bert hubert (ahu at ds9a.nl) [28/08/03 16:25]:
> On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 03:37:06PM -0400, bdushok at luzerne.edu wrote:
> > Is it possible to setup a multi-homed DNS using PowerDNS?  I would like 
> > hosts querying from our internal network to receive the private IP of our 
> > servers.  Queries originating from external locations should be given our 
> > public IP addresses.
> Not possible without running multiple pdns instances, which is easy.

Does pdns (or will pdns) have the ability to provide a different response
based on the querying IP?

i.e. If I have one LAN with a workstation on .100 and a mail server on .25,
and I port forward port 25 on my firewall in to .25...

Can I tell pdns to respond with .25 if queried from the LAN, and the
external IP address if queried from the outside?

(Something in me says that this might be disallowed by RFC, but I'm not
sure.  Just thought I'd pipe up and ask.)

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