[Pdns-users] nameservers do not resolve!

Bauer, Georg bauer at gws.ms
Mon Aug 25 08:38:25 UTC 2003


> > > > Can you place an /etc/resolv.conf within the pdns chroot?
> > > No problem. The problem seems to persist though:
> > And without the chroot it all works?
> Yes.

Just to drop in, I wrote about this problem in July already for the .10
release on this list. There are two situations where security measures
conflict with functionality:

- discovery of nameservers to propagate changes to doesn't work when the
pdns is running chrooted. If you disable chroot, everything works fine.

- axfrs on automatic slaves don't happen if you use the guardian feature. If
you disable guardian, automatic axfrs (triggered by notifies) work.

One of my former mails on this (as all others) are in the archive. Starting
point on the discussion would be here:


bye, Georg

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