[Pdns-users] Problem with Multihomed pdns server...

Mark Bergsma mark at nedworks.org
Thu Apr 24 17:16:11 UTC 2003

Matthew Walker wrote:
> I've got a machine running pdns that has several aliased IP addresses on one
> NIC. Two of them are used as nameserver IPs, and when I was running BIND,
> that setup worked perfectly. Now, however, pdns listens on both IPs, but
> only answers on one of them... This is causing problems. I've included some
> 'dig' output below to illustrate the problem.


> This is causing some problems with resolving domains, obviously, since some
> clients apparently just sit and loop on the first IP address, and don't
> listen to the response from the wrong address. Is there any way I can fix
> this?

I would suggest running two separate instances of pdns, one for each IP.
  As either nameserver will only receive queries directed to a it's
specific IP, it will use that IP to answer the queries.


mark at nedworks.org

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