[Pdns-users] powerdns.mdb corrupted and ODBC MySQL access on NT

Marco Bellani - Upgrade Multimediale Srl bellani at upgrade4.it
Wed Apr 9 08:03:38 UTC 2003

Hi all,
I'm new here.
I've downloaded and installed win PDNS 2.9.6 some days ago.
First of all I had problem to connect to Access DB file through odbc. I've
discovered, after many tries, that powerdns.mdb file included in the package
I've downloaded is not an Access file (maybe corrupted?). So I've downloaded
it directly from CSV and finally everything start working (on a win 2000
Then I've tried to install MySql ODBC driver and I've switched PowerDNS DSN
connection to this...  surprisingly it worked!
So I've installed PDNS on a NT 4.0 machine, my real server. There were no
odbc driver, so I've installed Access mdb driver, and it worked. Finally
I've installed Mysql odbc driver and switched the odbc DSN, but when PDNS
tries to connect through odbc drivers it returns many errors... (I've
installed odbc DSN driver directly from mysql, 3.51 version)
Someone knows about some NT problems?

Best Regards

Marco Bellani
Web Developer

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