[Pdns-users] Performance?

Martin List-Petersen martin at list-petersen.dk
Mon Apr 7 13:42:25 UTC 2003

Citat Dan Durrer <dan at vitalwerks.com>:

> We are considering using PowerDNS for a service we offer.  Currently we
> are using BIND 9.  My question is just how well does this software
> perform under heavy load?  Are we going to run into MySQL limitations?
> We heavily use the dynamic update feature of bind.  Processing roughly
> 300/updates a minute.  Our primary dns server answers about 480
> queries/sec.  One big concern I have with BIND is that after it has been
> running for a few hours it can take up to 15 minutes to completely shut
> down, due to all the journal files that get synced.

The good thing about PowerDNS/sql-backend is, that it never has to be reloaded.
Updates get avaiable instantly and it is easy to maintain.
> Anyone out there care to share there experiences with powerDNS and it
> ability to handle high traffic?  Additionally does MySQL replication
> master/slave scenario use more or less bandwidth than a bind IXFR based
> system?
I haven't really had a look at the traffic consumption, however both solutions
work quite well. The mysql-replication scenario is more used, because powerdns
in the start not did support slave zones together with mysql.

I'm using both currently (means some on slave and some on replication) and the
only difference is, that replication can be a bit more bitchy, if problems show up.

The other thing about master/slave is, that you can run different backends on
your slave hosts (i run powerdns with bind-backend on one host).

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