[Pdns-users] Wildcard entries, and normal entries conflicting...

Matthew Walker mwalker at kydance.net
Fri Apr 25 17:10:43 UTC 2003

My personal zone has both normal entries for important things like the
mailserver address and the nameserver IPs, and then it has a wildcard entry
for everything else so that *.kydance.net. is a CNAME for kydance.net.

This works perfectly most of the time, but occasionally PowerDNS seems to
use the wildcard entry to answer for entries that have a static entry. This
can potentially cause problems if it sends a cname entry when a request
comes in for the mailserver address. (Some mailservers won't resolve
CNAME's, according to what I've read. I doubt it's a big problem, but I'd
like to be as correct as possible.)

If you need more information, I'll be glad to provide it.

Matthew Walker

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