[Pdns-dev] PDNS Recursor, Lua Scripting, Binary data

Brian Sullivan brian.sullivan at lookout.com
Mon Jul 1 13:47:23 UTC 2019


I am using EDNS in the query to send binary data from the client to an
application using DNS Dist and Recursor with Lua processing.

 In the Lua script I am doing an HTTPS POST that is currently returning
serialized data. I'd like to be able to send that binary data back to the

So a couple of questions.
Is it possible to send binary data in the TXT Record? Appears that the API
is string only?

I notice that somewhere, either recursor or dns dist, is creating an EDNS
record in the response but with an RDLENGTH of 0.
00 00 29 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Is it possible to create an EDNS record from the Lua script that gets sent
back to the client?

I could change the client and app to send base64 ... but wanted to pursue
this option first.



Brian M. Sullivan
Senior Staff Security Intelligence Engineer
bsullivan at lookout.com |  www.lookout.com
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