[Pdns-dev] 4.1.0-RC2, not 4.2.0-RC2 Re: [Pdns-announce] PowerDNS Recursor 4.2.0 Release Candidate 2 Available!

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at powerdns.com
Mon Oct 30 16:24:07 UTC 2017


On 30 Oct 2017, at 17:10, Erik Winkels wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Hot on the heels of RC1, PowerDNS Recursor 4.1.0 Release Candidate 2!

it looks like Erik fat fingered the subject. Of course this is the announcement of 4.1.0-RC2, not 4.2.0-RC2.

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk
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