[Pdns-dev] Parsing Private-key-format v1.2 with Python

Wido den Hollander wido at widodh.nl
Sat Jul 16 08:38:24 UTC 2016


I am working on a DNSSEC implementation with PowerDNS and some Python code but I'm running into some issues.

Using pydnssec ( https://github.com/tomas-mazak/pydnssec ) I can generate a cryptokey which I can feed to PowerDNS. That works fine.

Now, I could like to generate the ZSK and KSK DNSKEY records which I can display to the end-user.

Although I can query PowerDNS for the DNSSKEY it's not the route I would like to take. I would prefer to load the private key with Python and generate the public key based on that.

Now, 'Private-key-format v1.2' seems very undocumented. So I was wondering if there is somebody out there who could point me in to the right direction.

I have a private key in text format for the KSK or ZSK and I would like to generate the public key out of it. This I can show to the end-users which it can then supply to the TLD to create the DNSSEC chain.

With the public key I can also create the DS-record, but I first need the private -> public part in pure Python.

Any suggestions or hints?



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