[Pdns-dev] State of lmdb backend.

John Sutherland jsutherland at llnw.com
Mon Feb 23 19:28:34 CET 2015

Hi all,

I’m attempting to use the lmdb backend, and I’m having some difficulty using as it stands. (I cloned a copy from commit d64ce86b5ef5b48111d5724b48fb86bb7aab82e9 a month or so ago)

A few of the problems I’ve run across:

- The documentation is out of date. The format of the zone database has changed. There’s some bit flipping and a trailing 0xff.
- I could not get the backend to function without changing some code to strip the trailing dot in the lookup function. I could be storing the data incorrectly, but I couldn’t figure out a combination that worked without that fix. It would either not find the record I was querying for, or think that it non-authorative for that zone.
- The getAuthZone doesn’t work if you are authoritative for subdomains, in addition to the higher level zone. If you try to get the zone record for the higher level, it fails because it finds the subdomain first.

I’m also curious for why we’re doing the bit flipping in the zone database? Looking at the history, it might be for some DNSSEC reason? No other backend seems to do that from what I can tell.

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