[Pdns-dev] C++ 2011, dnsdist, calidns, dumresp

bert hubert bert.hubert at powerdns.com
Tue Feb 17 10:15:43 CET 2015

Hi everybody,

Mostly writing this as documentation we can point people to.

First, PowerDNS Auth and Recursor itself are currently written in C++ 2003,
and this will probably remain that way for now. For DNSSEC, we may move to
C++ 2011. 

Part of our newer tools also use C++ 2011, but for now, C++ 2011 is not a
build dependency for the two main powerdns products.

PowerDNS is growing some other tools, in addition to the analysis tools that
we have already, see https://doc.powerdns.com/md/tools/analysis/

These tools are very useful, but NOT part of PowerDNS Authoritative or
PowerDNS Recursor releases. You may be able to compile them from
pdns-auth.tar.bz2, but we'll happily make a PowerDNS release while the tools
are buggy. With the exception of dnsdist, all the current tools are
analysis, and not production. 

This goes for all the new C++ 2011 based tools like dnsdist, calidns and
dumresp.  These tools are experimental and used for loadbalancing and
performance testing.

They may currently break at any time. If they don't build, it is not a
problem.  Don't sweat it.  Please don't complicate the PowerDNS auth or
recursor packages because of the tools.

These tools will probably soon get their own release track, and we'll take a
lot better care of them at that time.


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