[Pdns-dev] DB Backend recomendation

Veaceslav Mindru vmindru at redhat.com
Tue Dec 22 12:29:29 CET 2015

Hello Dev's ,

i can not find a recomended design for an optimal HA and DR setup of
We are running PDNS to manage internal infra zones.  Can you please
recomedn which setup would be recomened by PDNS to asure a more robust HA
and faster DR solution.

Setup  1

1)  PDNS on a VM - NS1
2)  PSQL running on same host as NS1
2)  Couple BIND salves  in diferent geo's  - NS2,3,4 etc

Aim of this setup is to have faster connection to the DB and lack of
possible network access issue to the BE, though not sure this is a valid

Setup 2

1) PDNS  on a VM - NS1
2) PSQL db's on remote DB's with a proper HA implementation (
master+slave+vip etc )
    PSQL cluster would be in the same DC.
3) BIND Slaves

Aim of this setup , is to have a more robust solution  with a faster DR.
PSQL cluster wuold assure better DB HA ,
and a faster DR we would just rebuild the machine with CFM and point if to
the PSQL cluster.


Veaceslav Mindru
PNT Devops Sysops
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