[Pdns-dev] pdns-recursor 3.6.2 crashes when compiled 64-bit on Solaris

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 19:52:57 CET 2014

> Our PowerDNS Recursor Solaris compilations work. We've contacted you
> off-list about how we could help you.

I found the root cause of the crash: my default link options, set in the LD_OPTIONS environment variable contain "-B direct", which is appended to all the other options in the link phase by the linker.

"-B direct" causes direct binding of the symbols at link time, rather than run time, and apparently the result will crash immediately upon startup in 64-bit mode, and only in 64-bit mode.

Carbon copying the pdns-dev mailing list for anyone else attempting to do this on Solaris and searching for a solution via a search engine.
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