[Pdns-dev] clarification on the minimum requirements from a pipe-backend with powerdns>=3

Ferenc Kovacs tyra3l at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 18:41:06 CET 2014


After upgrading from 2.9.22 to 3.1 We have bumped into an issue that our
resolving via the pipe backed wasn't working anymore.

We were using something like
in our pdns config(ANY|ALL is suggested by the official docs:
and our backend was only expecting HELO and Q requests, and was responding
to any Q request with an A record.

first, we enabled the query-logging, and we were seeing a bunch of
Query for 'something.ourcompany.com' type 'SOA' failed regex '^(.*).(

After adding the SOA to the pipe-regex pattern (ANY|A|SOA) our backend
finally started to receive requests, but still not working, because we
started getting
requests after the Q requests(even thought that those request are not
allowed by the pipe-regex and they don't appear in the query-log), and not
handling those caused the resolving to fail before sending the Q to the

My guess is that we should handle the SOA requests properly(send the SOA
for the A r), and we are seeing the AXFR requests because pdns is confused
by the A response to the SOA request.

Could somebody verify that this is what's happening, and it is only a
miracle that this setup was working with previous powerdns versions?
I guess it would be also nice if somebody could update the documentation on
http://doc.powerdns.com/html/backends-detail.html a bit, so people would
write proper backends from the start instead of bumping into this issues
after upgrading.

Ferenc Kovács
@Tyr43l - http://tyrael.hu
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