[Pdns-dev] Odd error with all-zones commands

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Wed Feb 6 20:47:59 CET 2013

When I try:

  :; pdnssec rectify-all-zones

I get:

  Error: Database error trying to retrieve all domains:PostgreSQL failed to execute command: 

An strace shows that the sql was sent and the reply dies include the
requested data:

  send(5, "Q\0\0\0\327select records.domain_id, records.name,
  records.content, domains.type, domains.master,
  domains.notified_serial, domains.last_check from records, domains
  where records.domain_id=domains.id and records.type='SOA'\0", 216,

is followed by a correct recv(5,...) with valid data, but spgsql.cc:
SPgSQL::doCommand() still throws.

Should that call use doQuery() instead?  The difference, of course, is
that doQuery() expects PGRES_TUPLES_OK whereas doCommand() expects

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