[Pdns-dev] What will pdns do when a fast dns server become slow and become fast again?

jacky jacky.wucheng at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 15:34:23 CET 2013

hi, all, 
    I think may be it is a question more suitable to dev maillist, so I submit it here. If I made a mistake , please let me know. Thanks.
    I'am reading the source code of pdns-recursor-3.5.3. There is question I can not understand.
    When a authoritative dns server become slow because of overload, pdns-recursor will move it backwards in the t_sstorage->nsSpeeds map, and then a faster dns  server will be used preferred. But when the dns server recoverd from overload and  become fast again, what will pdns-recursor do about it ? Will pdns-recursor move it forward  in speed map?  I can't find relevant source code. Any suggestion?


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