[Pdns-dev] [RFC] A tool for incremental updates of sqlite3 from zones files

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior pdns-dev at ml.breakpoint.cc
Sun May 8 14:48:56 CEST 2011


just come up with a tool called isuz [0] which could replace the tindyns
backend which is on the todo list. I've been using tinydns for quite
some time and was forced to switch after its been removed from Debian
squeeze. After looking at several DNS-servers I decided to use PDNS.
With PDNS I would have to either use the bind backend for a human
readable format or use SQL statements for updates. I know about the WEB
interface but I did not want that.
Either way one of the nice tinydns features was the auto-generated serial
number based on ctime.
So after complaining I made the isuz thingy which needs the sqlite3
backend and it took care of my pain:
- setup a PDNS node as SLAVE for the domain(s) and AXFR all zones from
- dump the sqlite db via
    isuz -s zones.sqlite3 -o output
  which writes bind style zone file(s) into the 'output' directory.
- Once the serial number in the zone file is updated from its current
  value to 0 then it will be auto created on next updated.
- PDNS can now become MASTER for the domain.
- once an entry has been changed/updated then isuz can update the
  sqlitedb via
    isuz -s zones.sqlite3 -z example.net.zone
  It performs the updates by adding new entries or removing old ones.

So, does this sound useful?

[0] http://download.breakpoint.cc/isuz/isuz-v2.tar.bz2


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