[Pdns-dev] A & CNAME

David Saez eslist at ols.es
Thu Dec 29 12:10:53 CET 2011


Not sure if this has been requested before (mainly because i
could not find a proper way to search all the mailing list archives)
but it will be great to be able to server A/CNAME records using
less backend queries. For what i read it seems that for A requests
CNAME is tried first (unless skip-cname=on) but at least in my case
and probably this is the general situation, we have much more A
records than CNAMEs and never have a A and CNAME for the same
hostname , so it will be good to have some option so PowerDNS first
tries A records and if not found then tries CNAMEs, this will save
a lot of queries. Another way will be to allow A database records to 
point to hostnames instead to ip addresses and then have PowerDNS
convert this database A records into CNAME answers, so we can have 
totallty avoid the need for the CNAME query (skip-cname=on) but still
be able to serve CNAME records

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