[Pdns-dev] Bind Also-Notify Support status?

Jeremy Utley pdns at gammanetworking.com
Fri Mar 12 20:02:22 CET 2010

Greetings to the PDNS developers -

I was wondering if there's any status on implementing a function in PDNS 
similar to bind's also-notify functions.  That is the one sticking point 
we have in switching our entire DNS structure over to PDNS.  Currently, 
we're running a Bind9 Master, with PDNS slaves in a supermaster 
configuration using the MySQL backend.  We'd like to change to a PDNS 
master as well, but the lack of this support is a deal-breaker in our 
architecture.  Our 5 slaves run behind a load balancer, so the NS 
records in our zones do not point to the machines, but to the load 
balancer.  Since you can't guarantee to hit all 5 by sending notifies to 
the NS records, we use the bind also-notify function to explicitly make 
sure that all machines are notified.  I know you can utilize 
pdns-control to send explicit notifications, but one of the requirements 
of our eventual solution is to allow web-based administration of DNS, 
and use of the command-line pdns-control would not fit into that 
either.  There's been a feature request open in Trac for this for nearly 
2 years, and one patch submitted there which requires recompiling the 
binary and changing the mysql schema, but nothing in the official 
distribution as of yet.

Jeremy Utley

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