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Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Mon May 11 17:49:49 CEST 2009

Consider this a test of the mailing list.... 
delete now for lack of real PDNS content....

The spammers are closer than you think. Spamming; Listwashing--taking
spam trap addresses off spammer email lists; Working for well-known
spammers (Scott Richter) and working for spam sites, etc, etc, etc.  "A
reversal of ethics" you might say. 

(check out the owners and directors)


And to add some actual DNS content: don't forget the AXFR-Clarify Scam,
the Dan Kaminsky Scam, or the DNS TCP Anycast Scam.  All are connected
to the same people, and there is even a high level management structure.
I'll put pages up on these scams shortly at
http://www.av8.net/IETF-watch. Been meaning to get around to that.

It even turns out there is a connection from the SEX.COM domain hijacker
Stephen Cohen to Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker: They went to the same high
school with Jon Postel. Vixie and company used ARIN funds to resist the
lawful owner (Gary Kremen) and help Cohen evade justice by resisting
Kremen and transferring IP resources to LACNIC. Cohen, a prior felon,
was eventually arrested in Mexico and extradited to the US. ARIN's Ray
Plzak and Cerf worked together at DARPA.  Plzak has resigned from ARIN.
Such a small world...

Rodney Joffe (Whitehat directory, Vixie partner) is the founder of
UltraDNS, which, along with Affilias, got the contract for running the
.org TLD. ICANN assigned .ORG to ISOC, where Cerf et al gave it to
Joffe.  Joffe was sponsoring NANOG, until recently, when ARIN started
sending $50,000 checks to NANOG and picking up NANOG meeting expenses.

Oh, and Vixie and cronies are acting as ARIN Board members despite not
having a quorum in their elections. No quorum means they are
unauthorized to act as board members.

What would Jon Postel have said?

    "Dr. Postel assiduously avoided conflicts of interest. In 1995, as
the Internet was growing into a commercial business, a reporter asked
him why he had repeatedly turned down opportunities to pursue wealth. He
replied that starting a company to profit from his activities would have
amounted to what he called a ''violation of public trust.''" (source The
NY Times)

Anyway, have a productive week on DNS. I know I am.


On Sat, 9 May 2009, bert hubert wrote:

> And if you meet a spammer, feel free to take it out on him..
> 	Bert

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