[Pdns-dev] Powerdns rev1361 and newer on Big Endian Machines

Juergen Ilse powerdns at usenet-verwaltung.de
Fri Jun 26 13:52:19 CEST 2009


I tried to use pdns_server (rev1363, rev1365, rev1366) on a Sparc machine
with Solaris8 (compiled with gcc-3.4.6 using mysql backend and pdns_recursor
3.1.7 as recursing backend). I noticed, that this combination did *not* work:
i got error-messages like

Jun 18 10:47:29 ns6 pdns[13946]: [ID 702911 local0.error] Discarding untracked p
acket from recursor backend with id 27240. Contrack table size=3

which disappear when i comment out (or remove) the lines between



in pdns/dnsproxy.cc (it is line 174 in rev1366). Maybe these lines are a 
relict of older sources and are not needed any more. rev1341 worked *with* 
these lines in dnsproxy.cc, rev1366 seem to work only *without* these lines 
in dnsproxy.cc on Big endian machines (like Sparc) ...

I have not yet searched, wich changes in the source made these lines
unnecessary, but i think it is a bug in these newer releases in svn,
which needs to be corrected (it only appears on Big Endian machines,
because on other machines these line were not compiled because
WORDS_BIGENDIAN will not be defined ...).

I would be glad, if you fix these issue in the current svn source.
Thank you.

	Juergen Ilse
Ein Domainname (auch wenn er Teil einer Mailadresse ist) ist nur ein Name,
nicht mehr und nicht weniger ...

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