[Pdns-dev] NXDomain on requesting AAAA record ( RFC 4074 )

Wouter Debie wouter.debie at excentis.com
Wed Jan 21 11:14:17 CET 2009

In our company we use powerdns as our dns-server. We've upgraded to
version . In this version we've noticed that when requesting an
AAAA RecourceRecord (RR) of an existing fqdn which has only an A RR,
powerdns returns NonExistingDomain but RFC 4074 states that is should
return an empty response indicating that it knows the fqdn but doesn't
has an AAAA RR.

we've discovered this "bug?" when using ping under windowsXP. Ping does
a dns-lookup to AAAA record and when it receives NonExistingDomain, ping
stops and doesn't tries to seek an A record in the dns.

With the 2.9.20-r1 version everything works fine as expected... As for
now we've downgraded pdns to 2.9.20-r1.

kind Regards

Wouter Debie

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