[Pdns-dev] Bison, Flex required to build now

Chris Savery chrissavery at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 09:27:30 CEST 2008

I've taken the next step and am trying to build the latest svn so that I 
can make changes to support geo caching / views / split horizon.
I got the svn code ok and bootstrapped it and started to build.
It gave me errors about needing yacc - so I installed bison to cover that.
But then I got errors about needing flex. Installing that didn't help 
Where should I go from here to finish make?
I'm on Ubuntu 8.04.

BTW I noticed that the packetcache code has been re-written to use Boost 
Multi Index containers. That's looks pretty nice. I had already coded a 
few changes to cache with remote ip as part of the key but I'll have to 
change that now to work with the new code as I also want the new ability 
to set a max-cache-entry value. I was just going to concat the ip value 
to the end of the name so that the pair make a unique key for any 
particular area.

Lastly, any suggestions on how one can test the dns by spoofing IPs 
values? I can test easily enough with localhost but what I need is a way 
to send requests as though they originated from around the world. I 
would guess there is some tool that can send a request with a chosen 
source ip?

Thank you if you can help with how to finish this build.
Chris :)
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