[Pdns-dev] Pipebackend bug.

Ton van Rosmalen ton at netbase.nl
Sat Nov 29 08:22:38 CET 2008

Hi Chris,

Christopher Arnold schreef:
> Hi all,
> well now i have decided that there is a bug in the pipebackend
> handling of pipe-regex. But unfortunatly i can't login to the ticket
> system, is there a problem there to?
Wouldn't know about this.
> Regarding the pipe-regex the issue is that as soon as the pipe-regex
> is enabled nothing gets sent to the pipebackend.
> Not even trying to set it like this:
> pipe-regex='^.*$'
Have you tried 'query-logging=yes' in your config? According to the code
a logentry should be generated either when a regex fails or when it gets
passed on to your process.
This might shed some light on the issue.



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