[Pdns-dev] Extending the LDAP Backend

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Mon Mar 24 21:56:38 CET 2008

Hi Adrian

> Well, my thinking on it was that, in LDAP, the dc attribute has a very
> specific purpose.  It's there to define the root of the LDAP tree, and
> nothing more than that (at least, as far as I'm concerned).

As the "dc" attribute was intended to map DNS domain parts to a LDAP tree 
structure, I'm a little bit more relaxed about this because it's not a misuse 
or something like that.

> The reason I want to be able to use custom
> attributes -- and it's not just some attributes but all of them -- is
> because I'd like to hand control of the schema back to the user.
> Complete control, eventually.  Not quite on the scale of adding another
> lookup method besides tree (which makes the most sense to me *anyway*)
> but being able to tell PowerDNS that we want it to find, for example,
> it's A records in some other attribute.

Your argumentation here isn't much in line to what you've said above. There 
are standards about LDAP schemas, which are intended to give developers and 
users guidelines which attributes should be used for what purpose.

The main reason I'm not keen on doing this is that there are about 50 record 
types (perhaps 30-40 actively used) which would have to be made configurable 
and that would blow up the code unnecessarily. Furthermore, this also 
wouldn't make the other method irrelevant (which would be a reason for 
implementing this) because some schema attributes require additional 
processing like the "relativeDomainName"/"zoneName" attributes in the dnszone 

If you are submitting a patch to make the name of the dn components 
configurable, I will happily integrate it into the code base. Configurable 
attributes for all record types aren't very useful for other users in my 

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