[Pdns-dev] Feature request: Allow IPv6-Adresses in forward-zones in the recursor

Stefan Hellermann stefan at the2masters.de
Thu Jul 17 13:37:10 CEST 2008


I have a small feature request:
Allow IPv6-addresses in the setting forward-zones (and in the 
forward-zones-file) for the recursor.

Is this hard to achieve? I'm trying to build up an IPv6-only network and I use 
the setting forward-zones to publish an internal dns-zone to my clients.

Currently I get:
12:31:41 Enabling IPv6 transport for outgoing queries
12:31:41 Reading zone forwarding information from '/etc/powerdns/forward_zones'
12:31:41 Exception: Conversion error parsing line 1 of /etc/powerdns/forward_zones

With kind regards
Stefan Hellermann

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