[Pdns-dev] RE: Extending the LDAP Backend - Slave replication

Adrian Overbury adrian at inomial.com
Fri Apr 18 17:20:26 CEST 2008


Further on my efforts to extend the LDAP backend to allow some 
customisation of the schema used for finding an returning DNS records, 
I'm curious about how the slave replication process works.  Does the 
LDAP backend even support master/slave states?  If not, I wonder how 
much work would be involved in getting it to support it.

You see, while our servers will be authoritative masters for one set of 
domains, people pay us to simply be an off-site slave server for the 
domains that they then host, so we need to be able to receive their 
updates, and insert that into our ldap database.  I'm willing to do the 
work to add this functionality, if necessary, but if there's code 
already in place that I can simply alter to work with my configurable 
schema, I'd be much happier :)



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