[Pdns-dev] virtual memory issue and gmysql

Patrick Domack patrickdk at patrickdk.com
Sun Sep 30 22:12:51 CEST 2007

I have noticed since I installed the static rpm an never ending  
increase of virtual memory allocation. I have noticed like others, if  
mysql drops the connection cause of idle timeout, pdns doesn't  
reconnect and errors out the dns request. It seems like each time it  
does this, it uses more memory.

It concerns me when it is using 20gigs of virtual memory in 24hours.
It also concerns me that pdns doesn't autoreconnect properly.

The issue to this is not to have me change mysql idle timeout to a  
longer value, cause I have other things using it also that need a low  
timeout, to keep them from using up all available connections (I can  
do 3000 mysql connections before I use up memory, 130 servers, each  
doing 30-50 connections would more than max that out if I didn't kill  
off idles, and since all these programs seem to handle autoreconnect  
without any issues I have noticed, plus having each program kill it's  
own mysql connection if it was idle, if it had that config option,  
wouldn't be as reliable or dependable as letting mysql do it).

If I have time, I will look into the source, but figure someone else  
might be able to do this more quickly and reliabily, or if one knows  
of a patch (or maybe it's fixed in svn).

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