[Pdns-dev] Problem with powerdns on Sun Sparc Solaris8

Juergen Ilse powerdns at usenet-verwaltung.de
Wed Jan 10 22:52:58 CET 2007


First: can we please do *not* use inline assembly unconditional within
powerdns sources? Using inline assembly unconditionally prevents powerdns
from compilation under other architectures than our primary architecture
x86 ... I made quick&dirty patches to comment out the inline assemby to
be able to compile on Sun Sparc Solaris8 ...

I think, there is a real problem with powerdns on Sun Sparc Solaris.
The powerdns process crashes often on Sparc Solaris8 with signal 10
(bus error). The time between the crashes is not the same every time
between the crashes, also the crashes seems not to be alwas the same ...
I don't have found the reason for the crashes yet. I run powerdns with
only the mysql-backend (without bind-backend). There are no domains,
for which powerdns ist authoritative (the server is running for testing
before i try to switch our authoritative server from bind to powerdns).
The crash happens *only* on Sparc/Solaris8, it does *not* happen on
Linux/X86-32 (even with nearly identical configuration). Because the
crashes occur only on Sparc, i think, there is an "alignment problem"
somewhere in the code: unaligned memory access leads to a bus error
on Sparc CPUs while it simply works without problems on X86 ...

I first thought, there was a problem with the mysql-libraries:
powerdns links against libmysqlclient, but isn't pdnsd a multi-
threaded application? Don't we have to link against libmysqlclient_r
(the "reentrant version" of this library)instead of libmyqlclient?
I patched my sources, so that always libmysqlclient_r is used, but
that did not solve the above mentioned problem on Sparc machines ...

I will search for the reason for the bus errors on Solaris, when
i have more time. At the moment i have to do with several other
projects, so i have no time at the moment to search for the reason
of the crashes ...

	Juergen Ilse			(juergen at usenet-verwaltung.de)
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