[Pdns-dev] Now is the time to test the 2.9.21 snapshots + release notes.

Ruben Kerkhof ruben at rubenkerkhof.com
Wed Apr 11 01:53:11 CEST 2007

On 9-apr-2007, at 14:39, bert hubert wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Somewhere in the coming 2 weeks, we will release the PowerDNS  
> Authoritative
> Server version 2.9.21.
> While slight issues remain to be worked out, the bulk of the bugs  
> reported
> for 2.9.20 have been fixed.
> Most importantly, the current snapshot (1023) now has binary  
> packages (db
> and rpm) that are compatible with all current Linux distributions  
> again,
> which our previous binary packages were not.
> Please find tar.gz, deb and rpm on: http://svn.powerdns.com/ 
> snapshots/1023/
> It is very important that people test the 2.9.21 snapshots so we can
> guarantee a very high level of quality once the actual release  
> comes round.
> Also, if you spot problems now, we are ready to fix them instantly.  
> Once the
> release happens, we might be too busy to cater to everybody  
> immediately.

Hi Bert and all,

I've been testing snapshot 1023 today, so I can have the Fedora rpms  
ready as soon as 2.9.21 lands.
There are a few specific things I patched in the Fedora rpm, and I'm  
wondering if you're willing to have a look at fixing this upstream?

- Since you don't use version numbers for the backend libraries, can  
you add -avoid-version to the LDFLAGS?
- Would it be possible to add a --disable-static option to ./ 
configure? this saves some build time since I throw away the static  
libraries anyway, but only if it's not too much trouble.
- The init script (pdns.in) is missing an option. It probably needs
   echo pdns [start\|stop\|force-stop\|force-reload\|reload\|restart\| 
   instead of
   echo pdns [start\|stop\|force-reload\|restart\|status\|dump\|show\| 

I noticed another issue, which I think changeset #988 was supposed to  
fix: when I start pdns without having configured a backend, it exits:

Apr 11 00:14:54 odin pdns[27725]: Listening on controlsocket in '/var/ 
Apr 11 00:14:54 odin pdns[27727]: Guardian is launching an instance
Apr 11 00:14:54 odin pdns[27727]: Unable to launch, no backends  
configured for querying
Apr 11 00:14:55 odin pdns[27725]: Child requested a stop, exiting

And still leaves behind pdns.controlsocket and pdns.pid

In the meanwhile, I've cleaned up the sgml again. Attached is a patch  
to trunk (r1025).

Please let me know if you rather have me file bugs in Trac.

Kind regards,

Ruben Kerkhof

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