[Pdns-dev] PowerDNS blog, Sun Niagara, massive recursor testing

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Tue Mar 21 22:57:57 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

I finally gave in and set up a blog on http://blog.netherlabs.nl, where I'll
try to document a bit what I'm up to wrt PowerDNS and other projects. To
only read about PowerDNS, head to:


In other news, after some tuning (which you can read about on the blog), it
appears PowerDNS beats the living daylights out of at least Bind 8 for
recursing, in one case exceeding performance by a factor of 100 (measured in
terms of unanswered questions, or delayed answers). On relatively boring
hardware, we can do sustained runs of >2000 queries/second of Real Traffic
with 50% cpu load. See http://adsl-xs4all.ds9a.nl/rrd for some graphs.

Furthermore, Sun has been kind enough to ship me a 'Try and Buy' T2000
CoolThreads server which arrives tomorrow. Read all about it on

As both PowerDNS and MySQL are very threaded products, I expect the
authoritative part of PowerDNS to work very well on the T2000. I'll report
my experiences on the blog. Some adjustments might be in order.

Lastly, my office will be without power for a few hours tomorrow which
means I'll have a lot of time to unpack the new server and look at it. It
also means the blog, the wiki and subversion will be unavailable. The
download site and documentation won't be affected as they are hosted



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http://netherlabs.nl              Open and Closed source services

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