[Pdns-dev] [Pdns-users] recursor now does forwarding, authoritative and /etc/hosts

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Thu Apr 27 12:31:05 CEST 2006

Due to popular demand, there is now a 3.1 snapshot available that does:

 - authoritative serving, from the auth-zones documentation:
	Comma separated list of 'zonename=filename' pairs. Zones read from
	these files are served authoritatively. Example: auth-zones=
	ds9a.nl=/var/zones/ds9a.nl, powerdns.com=/var/zones/powerdns.com.

 - query forwarding, from the forward-zones documentation:
	Comma separated list of 'zonename=IP' pairs. Queries for zones listed here
	will be forwarded to the IP address listed. auth-zones=
	ds9a.nl=, powerdns.com=

 - /etc/hosts export, from the export-etc-hosts documentation:
	If set, this flag will export the host names and IP addresses
	mentioned in etc/hosts. 
	This is nice for people that want to recurse and just hardcode a few

This code is very fresh. Authoritative zones can't yet contain wildcards,
but otherwise things should be working fine. It is expected that in the
future this code will be used to hardcode RFC 1918 private IP space zones,
unless disabled.

You are kindly invited to check out the snapshot, and let me or the list
know if and how how well everything works for you.

(no x86_64 rpm yet, sorry)


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