[Pdns-dev] new & improved snapshot of the pdns recursor available

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Wed Apr 5 14:55:09 CEST 2006

I've made a new snapshot of the PowerDNS recursor available on:


This version fixes a number of nasty bugs that make the recursor slow down
over time. This only affects those of you serving more than 1 packet per CPU
MHz or so - so 1000 packets/s on a 800MHz CPU for example.

Also new in this version is 'max-cache-entries' which allows you to limit
the cache to say, a reasonable 1 million entries. I'd love to be able to
have you specify a limit in megabytes but it is very hard to measure actual
memory usage. DJBDNS can do it but it requires too much work to do it from

There are now very spiffy CPU usage graphs, which you can see here: 

(FreeBSD users may need to use gmake instead of make to build this version)

For more details, see http://blog.netherlabs.nl

http://www.PowerDNS.com      Open source, database driven DNS Software 
http://netherlabs.nl              Open and Closed source services

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