[Pdns-dev] Shift to SVN and Trac complete!

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Thu Feb 3 21:15:58 CET 2005

Hi PowerDNS people,

As you've seen from the flurry of e-mail today, I've been busy, which began
with unblocking the Mailman server this morning.

You can see a lot of the work today:


The big change is that CVS is dead. The PowerDNS CVS repository is still
accessible but will no longer be updated. The subversion repository is
called svn://svn.powerdns.com

To access, see wiki.powerdns.com and below.

cvstrac -> trac
A lot of tickets are still filed on

The new location is http://wiki.powerdns.com/projects/trac/report/1

I'll try to close as many of the old tickets with fixes, but I don't have
time to copy older tickets.

ds9a.nl/powerdns.org ugly page -> http://wiki.powerdns.com
Trac also has a Wiki built in, which I've used to write up useful
information. Feel free to edit pages, like 

I also added a small link on www.powerdns.com to wiki.powerdns.com.

Good luck!

http://www.PowerDNS.com      Open source, database driven DNS Software 
http://netherlabs.nl              Open and Closed source services

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