[Pdns-dev] updated ldapbackend patch

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Wed Sep 8 20:38:27 CEST 2004

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Hi Bert

The attached patch contains all changes since the 2.9.16 release.

Furthermore I would like to request you to update the ldap docs on 
docs.powerdns.com. It's partly outdated:

ldap-host (default: 

Host name or ip address and port of the LDAP server

 ldap-starttls (default: no) 

Use TLS encrypted connections to the LDAP server

 ldap-basedn (default: none) 

The PowerDNS LDAP backend searches below this path for objects containing the 
specified DNS information. The retrieval of attributes is limited to this 
subtree. This option must be set to the path according to the layout of your 
LDAP tree, e.g. ou=hosts,o=linuxnetworks,c=de is the DN to my objects 
containing the DNS information.

 ldap-binddn (default: none) 

Path to the object to authenticate against. Should only be used, if the LDAP 
server doesn't support anonymous binds.

 ldap-secret (default: none) 

Password for authentication against the object specified by ldap-binddn

 ldap-method (default: simple) 

 Search the requested domain by comparing the associatedDomain attributes with 
the domain string in the question.
 Search entires by translating the domain string into a LDAP dn. Your LDAP 
tree must be designed in the same way as your DNS tree. The question for 
"myhost.linuxnetworks.de" would translate into 
"dc=myhost,dc=linuxnetworks,dc=de,ou=hosts=..." and the entry where this dn 
points to would be evaluated for dns records.
 Like simple, but generates PTR records from aRecords or aAAARecords. Using 
"strict", you won't be able to do zone transfers for reverse zones.



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