[Pdns-dev] Feature Announcement

InterNetX - Steffen Panning sp at internetx.de
Fri May 14 11:35:39 CEST 2004


for a couple of days i asked the people from powerdns via their
webinterface,  for a new feature.
For some reason i didn't get an answer.
However, I have now implemented this feature myself. My new question is 
now, if you are interested in applying it to the official powerdns

Allow or refuse an axfr-request to an ip on zone basis.

powerdns (version pdns-2.9.16) decides if an axfr-request is allowed  by
the setting of "allow-axfr-ips".

Actually  you can't do this decision on zone-basis. i.e you are not able
to allow the ip to do an axfr-request on foo.com, but
refuse it for baz.com.

I extended  powerdns, so that this is now possible for all backends
which are based on 'gsql-backend'.   

The other backends are not supported.
They will still compile, but return a 'false' value by default.

If you are interested, i will clean up the code and send you the

Greetings Steffen Panning

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