[Pdns-dev] Re: 2^30 bug

TomaszKuźniar mezon at serwery.pl
Mon Jan 12 13:10:44 CET 2004


Dnia sat, jan 10, 2004 at 04:37:11 +0100, bert hubert wrote:
> A short time ago, the number of seconds sinds 01-01-1970 has passed 2^30 and
> powerdns is suffering.

We have 2.9.12-1 static version of pdns with mysql (@debian, i386), 
but we can't see any problems that have been posted to group.
Is this problem affect all of versions/systems, or maybe restart pdns
is required to trigger this bug ? :-)

Tomasz Kuźniar <mezon at serwery.pl>

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