AW: [Pdns-dev] ldapdns schema compatibility for LDAP backend [PATCH]

Piotr Roszatycki Piotr_Roszatycki at
Fri Jan 2 23:49:17 CET 2004

> > >>dn: dc=www,dc=example,dc=net,ou=DNS,
> > This feature is most interesting for me. I very thank you for
> > applying it to your code.
> I've implemented this in the last few days, but a little bit different
> then in your code. After refactoring the lookup code, it's now in a
> seperated function to avoid a slowdown because of too many runtime
> decisions.

Thanks a lot. I've got a web interface for editing DNS entries. It uses
this schema. I think editing the database by hand is also easier and
the schema is more LDAP-friendly.

> For AXFR the associatedDomain attribute is still needed (contrary to
> your code), because NS and MX records should be part of the same
> entry as the SOA record (they belong to the same object in the dns
> hierarchy). But there is no possiblity to return both, the base and
> the subtree entries in one query when the dn points to the base entry
> :-(

Uh. This is very bad news. It forces to make a redundancy in the database.
The same information is placed in DN and the associatedDomain. It is
annoying if it is edited by hand with LDAP browser.

But I don't understand exactly. In my code everyting was working. I could
even do a transfer to secondary DNS which was powered by BIND.

> The good news: The performance increases ca. 7% if you use this kind
> of lookup method.
> If you've used ldapdns before, it would be nice if you could do a
> small performance comparison between the two programs.

Just now I'm on vacation :) but I'll do it.

> > I agree with you. The converter for ldapdns->pdns database should
> > be enough as far as you include search-by-dn feature.
> Up to now, you still have to add the associatedDomain attribute to all
> entries, but that's the easy part of programming. The other thing is
> to convert the reverse dns entries of ldapdns to something useful.

Could AXFR without assosiatedDomain be an option?

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